Mt. Rushmore of Sports – New York, Boston, Chicago, and many more cities

Welcome to the first episode of Hello Old Sports! In our inaugural episode, Andrew and Dan introduce themselves to the audience and give a preview of some of the topics we’ll cover in the coming weeks.

After that, we dive into the topic for Episode 1 and name the “Mt. Rushmores” for New York, Boston, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Dallas. We pick one player from baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, and in the end, we select the best Mount Rushmore in sports history. There are a lot of tough calls to make: Kobe or Magic? Russell or Bird? Brodeur or Bossy? Sammy Baugh or Darrell Green? 

E-mail the show at [email protected] with comments, feedback, or suggestions for future show topics. 

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Every Thursday, brothers Andrew and Dan examine a different sports history topic.  Have a topic or comment for the hosts of Hello Old Sports?  You can e-mail Andrew and Dan at:

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