Learn From a 47 Year Veteran NFL Sports Writer

Ever dream of “working in football” or living football as your life?  This is something Rick Gosselin did for almost 5 decades.  He stops by to share his 47 years of “NFL coverage” experience in this week’s episode of The Football History Dude Podcast.  In this episode we cover some of these topics: Rick’s origin … Read more

Hall of Fame Stories That Will Make You Cry

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is referred to as “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth” by many people.  Although this may be an audacious and bold statement, for many, it’s dead accurate.  The Hall of Fame stories are numerous. This past weekend we were supposed to see new members of the Pro Football Hall … Read more

Ernie Nevers and the Oldest Record in the NFL?

When you think of unbreakable NFL records, what comes to mind?  Does the name Ernie Nevers come to mind for you?  Have you ever heard of that name?  Perhaps you first heard of the name on Christmas Day of 2020 when Alvin Kamara tied his rushing touchdown record.  But the thing is, he still didn’t … Read more

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