Mike Wright Interview (Fantasy Footballers podcast)

Mike Wright, current reigning “Player’s Choice Fantasy Analyst of the Year” of The Fantasy Footballers podcast stops by to share the origin story of their award-winning show.  It’s not easy just rolling with a podcast as a main source of income, but Mike and his co-hosts were able to find the secret sauce to make … Read more

Upton Bell Interview – Learning From Don Shula and the Baltimore Colts

Upton is the son of the First Great Commissioner of the NFL Bert Bell. He joins us to share stories from his book: Present at the Creation – My Life in the NFL and the Rise of America’s Game. Upton’s book walks you through a journey in the history of the NFL unlike anyone else can. He … Read more

History of NFL Rule Changes

This episode we fire up the DeLorean and head back to learn about the more prominent rule changes in NFL history.  Episode 1 discussed how Walter Camp, The Father of American Football, helped transform the game from soccer and rugby closer to the style we are used to seeing today. However, this style of American … Read more

Ever Wonder Who the NFL’s First Commissioner Was?

Elmer Layden is not a household name nowadays. However, back in the early 1920s, he was a quarter of the famed Notre Dame Four Horsemen. These guys were one of the most famous College football backfields of all-time.  Elmer’s participation with the Four Horsemen started him on the path to fame and glory, ultimately leading … Read more

Thanksgiving Day Football History: Turkey Day Stories From Yesteryear

Football games on Thanksgiving Day have been part of our culture since the game itself evolved in the 19th century. Even before professional football teams locked horns on turkey day, we enjoyed watching everything from colleges to high schools, to local kids’ games match-up on this holiday. It’s a type of sports tradition that silently … Read more