Pro Football Hall of Fame Talk (w/ Vinny Lospinuso)

Vinny Lospinuso rides shotgun in the DeLorean with me this week to talk all things “Pro Football Hall of Fame.” He’s a graduate from Hofstra University (2021) with a B.A. in broadcast journalism.

When you listen to him you will be floored at how well-versed and passionate this young man is regarding the history of the game. Below are a few things we get into:

Vinny Lospinuso headshot
  • Vinny’s background, including how he became so passionate about sports history and Hall of Fames
  • His favorite team growing up
  • Why he has a particular vigor for speaking for the contributors as possible Hall of Fame candidates
  • Rule changes he would make for the voting process if he were granted access to the HOF Roundtable
  • Contributors he feels strongly about that should be in the HOF
  • He gives some love to historians and other outlets that have helped him along the way
  • Much more….

Vinny Lospinuso is a recent graduate of Hofstra University in New York. He is currently a freelance sports journalist, historian, vlogger, and podcaster.

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