What Would Be Like To Be An NFL Fan in the United Kingdom?

If you live in the United Kingdom, football means something entirely different than it does to someone living in the United States.  You must emphasize the word “American” in American football when you are discussing the gridiron.  You may be ridiculed for being a fan of the inferior sport to the “most beautiful game.” 

So how does a person from the United Kingdom turn to America for a different version of football, and what causes someone to go mad and stay up until 4:30am to watch their favorite team?  We cover this and more in this week’s episode with guest Shane Richmond.

In this episode we cover some of these topics:

  • What Shane’s favorite NFL team is
  • Why he’s an NFL fan living in London
  • Why he started the Pigskin Books website
  • What it was like interviewing Brian Billick
  • Much more

We also have an interview from across the Pond in the Football Is Family podcast.  Check them both out below.

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Shane Richmond Interview

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