Do You Know Your Dallas Cowboys History?

I want to tell you a story.  A story about a team that is either loved or hated- there really isn’t a middle ground.  And the reason this is the case can be found in a 1978 NFL Films that called this team “America’s Team.” Yes, the Dallas Cowboys.

We also have a special guest, Roger Yates, my Uncle and Dallas Cowboys fan.  He reminds us why Football is Family.

This article is also a podcast over at the Football Is Family if you are interested in listening, you can do so below.  You can also read the full article if this is your preference.

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Every Thursday, host Jeremy McFarlin shares the history of one NFL team.  He also brings on a guest (or more) each week to share why their NFL team feels like a part of their family.

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America's Team : The Dallas Cowboys

This team has been a staple on Thanksgiving Day since 1966, meaning that, on every Thanksgiving Day, after the Detroit Lions play, this team will play. 

This team can boast- 28 Hall of Famers, 5 Super Bowls, 10 Conference Championships, 23 Division Championships, one of the greatest head coaches of all time, the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, and scores of great memories.

           Of course, this team is the Dallas Cowboys. This team is as well known around the world as any other team in any other sport, maybe only rivaled by the New York Yankees in notoriety. If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s, you probably were a fan of either the Steelers or the Cowboys. You either wanted to be Terry Bradshaw or Roger Staubach when you played backyard football. This team, love them or hate them, really shows how football can become family.

           Here are some trivia facts about the Dallas Cowboys.

  1. They are the first of the NFL’s modern expansion teams.
  2. Their first year’s record was 0-11 (as of the end of 2019, their win/loss/tie record is 520-388-6; they really did turn that 0-11 record around in a hurry).
  3. Their first coach was Tom Laundry. He was fired in 1988, having served as the Cowboys’ only coach over that span. Since that time, the Cowboys have had eight coaches.
  4. They have won five Super Bowls (71, 77, 92, 93, 95), and, if it wasn’t for the Steelers, they would have won more.
  5. They are the first team to send at least 13 players to a single Pro Bowl (2007).
  6. From 66-85, the Cowboys had 20 consecutive winning seasons.
  7. Bob Lilly was the first draft pick. From 61-74, he played/started 196 games, All NFL teams in 1960 and 1970, top 100 NFL player of all time, 7 time first team All-Pro, 11 Pro Bowls- I think he did ok.
  8. Played in the now-mythic Ice Bowl in 1967 (-13 degrees Fahrenheit at kick off, with -40 degree wind chill).
  9. Lost Super Bowl 5 against the Baltimore Colts. This game is historical because it marks the only time in NFL history that the losing team (Cowboys) had a player win the MVP (Chuck Howley).

10.1989- The “Great Train Robbery” trade sent Herschel Walker to the Vikings for a lot of draft picks- this helped build the Cowboys’ dynasty in the 90’s.

11.First td scored in team history- Darryl Hannah, Jr.

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